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The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides a wide variety of person centered supports and services with a strong emphasis on personal choice to the individuals they support. The CNA serves as an advocate and promote self-advocacy.  He or she provides personal supports and services based on individual needs.     


  • The CNA reports to the Delegating Nurse, or the Agency Nurse who are most times called the Case Manager who also reports to the Co-Ordinator of Clinical Services or Director of Nursing Services.


Educational Requirements:

  • Must have completed the Curriculum of the Certified Nursing Assistant in a Nursing Training Institution.
  • Must have a GED/High School Diploma.

Experience Requirements:

  • Must have at least 1 year of related experience working with children or adults in a care-giving setting.
  • Must have a good driving record, reliable vehicle, and valid, current Driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years with no more than 2 points on the license. 
  • Must be able to successfully complete training requirements of Centerbility.
  • Must possess strong communication skills and demonstrated care-giving skills.

Credential Requirements:

  • Must have a current valid CNA License from the State of Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON).
  • Must have a current valid CPR/BLS/First Aid certificate from American Heart Association (AHA)

Position Summary:
The CNA is responsible for supporting individual(s) with developmental disabilities whose medical needs are complex.  The CNA primarily provides assistance to the individuals in the areas of delegated medical treatment, personal care, meal preparation and feeding, lifting and transferring (when applicable), and most activities of daily living. Responsibilities also include developing linkages to the community through recreation planning, transportation, and accompaniment to community-based events.

Key Competencies Required:

  • Advocacy (Encouraging and supporting people in expressing their choices, dreams, goals and rights)
  • Communication (Actively listening to the person we support based on their preferred method of communicating, and collaborating with their natural supports and community)
  • Relationship building (Creating opportunities for people to build friendships, make connections and develop meaningful relationships in an inclusive environment)

Essential Functions:

  1. Works in cooperation with a delegating nurse, Case Manager to perform duties essential to providing quality healthcare to individuals receiving services at the Arc services.
  2. Provides instruction, guidance, follow-up, monitoring, and assistance in personal grooming and hygiene to include assistance with toileting, oral hygiene, bathing, dressing, feeding, and lifting/transferring (when indicated).
  3. Assists with and/or dispenses medications and other medical treatments to the individuals as necessary
  4. Turns and repositions individuals, alone or with assistance, to promote skin integrity according to the individuals’ nursing plan of care.
  5. Assists individuals with selecting and wearing clothing that is appropriate for the weather, in good condition, and stylish.

Essential Functions:

  1. Locates and facilitates individual’s participation in community and leisure activities to include providing transportation to appointments or activities.  Must be able to drive and operate a wheelchair lift van and tie downs.
  2. Provides training and assistance to individual in developing safety skills as well as daily living skills with a goal of increased independence in these areas.
  3. Encourages individual to make choices and to develop relationships with people outside of the individual’s home
  4. Encourages regular exercise and healthy lifestyles via training, planning, and advocacy.
  5. Establishes and maintains good, positive public relations within the neighborhood and community.

Financial Management

  1. 1. Assist individuals with banking and making purchases as per Centerbility’s Resident Funds policy and procedures.
  2. 2. Maintain household petty cash funds as assigned to the house per Petty Cash Policies and Procedures.

Home Operation and Maintenance

  1. Changes bed linens regularly and washes clothes
  2. Dusts and cleans individuals’ rooms as per the individuals’ ability level to assist with this task.
  3. Completes routine household maintenance/cleaning duties.
  4. Provides a safe, clean, and home-like environment designed to meet the specific needs of the individuals residing in the home.


  1. Demonstrates appropriate workplace behavior, modeling the agency’s philosophy.
  2. Demonstrates positive role-model behavior.
  3. Maintains confidentiality in regard to individuals and in relation to staff issues.

Mental, Physical, & Visual Demands:

  • Ability to push, pull, lift, or carry an individual of medium build with assistance (such as 2-person lift).
  • The CNA may perform tasks that involve exposure to blood body fluid, or tissues and use protective equipment as required.

Working Conditions:

  • An CNA normally is assigned to work in a Nursing/Residential Home, however there may be times where travel and assistance may be needed at other residential sites.
  • Must be flexible and professional in responding to stress.

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